Welcome to our Collection of Horse Themed Bedding, finally everything to complete his/her horse Bedroom all in one place. From Comforters and Duvet Covers, to Window Curtains, and Rugs we have it all. Each collection is designed to allow you to mix and match each item until you get that perfect look that’s right for each kid. I recommend you start by choosing the Horse Bedding Set that’s right for your girl, then moving on to the details of your Curtain Panels and Rug. When choosing between our different Horse Prints keep in mind you also have the option of a Comforter or Duvet Cover. Both have pros and cons, remember our Comforters have your design as well as the comforter pre-sewn inside that can not be taken out, where as our Duvet Covers do not so you will be able to purchase the comforter of your choice to go inside. Duvet Covers offer the ease of taking them off to wash and can be washed in smaller wash machines as well as choosing your comforter fill and thickness. Our Comforters our nice and thick and ready to go when you get them. The choice is really up to you as both our Great options and come in Twin, Twin XL (dorm bedding), Queen/Full, and King.

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